MRT Agreement Signing


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On 27 June 2014, Hummingsoft was awarded a contract by MRT Corp to develop a digital dashboard, aptly named MRT Project Executive Dashboard (MPXD). The need for central monitoring and reporting with instantaneous real-time updates is crucial in view of the massive work scope for MRT. MPXD system is the proposed digital infrastructure to capture input data, process raw data and produce interactive data information.


Key data that is captured, monitored and reported in the MPXD will encompass the scope of construction works, contractual matters, procurement, standards & compliance, as well as other relevant items and be graphically presented in the MPXD structurally with drill down functionality.

Some of the features found in the MPXD include monitoring performance using accurate data, visualizing cause-and-effect impact of results, setting up and receiving personalized alerts, prioritizing and identifying actions, gathering all pertinent information in one place for faster and more accurate decisions, and documenting and articulating corporate and individual strategies, measures and processes.

The ability for live work progress information to be relayed to various portable devices and viewed by MRT Corp will be realized through this digital dashboard.