Construction Management Analytics


Being smart about the transitional development plans and trends of medium to large scale construction projects

Hummingsoft as a digital establishment aims to become a strong proponent in the construction landscape, which has been realised through its construction management analytics expertise offered to organisations managing the nation’s large capital development projects.

Hummingsoft’s faculty in working closely with construction companies to learn and understand the workings of a project is by and large proven by its track record in collaborating with consortiums dealing with the various complex phases involved in the system and design planning, integrating and engineering of infrastructure.


As a result of the advantage gained by Hummingsoft by this initiative, a dashboard solution for progress monitoring is commissioned and devised for the purpose of interactively analysing, tracking and managing construction projects to ultimately mitigate risks and plan for success.

Spot trends, perform analytics

Mastering the industrial know-hows enables Hummingsoft to gain analytics insight into the construction realm, and to benefit from applying technical working knowledge to come up with different techniques that can be used to display the project’s progress. Dealing with mass-scale projects, however, always comes with a price and Hummingsoft’s effort to maintain data privacy and security is regarded as a number one priority.

Reporting made easier

The dashboard solution helps in reducing paper-based reporting, although sometimes operational documents and reports are needed in hardcopy, the dashboard solution is a great way to eliminate manual and repetitive reporting, allowing instant access to information simply with the click of a button.

Integrates multiple data systems into a single platform

Lack of connectivity between systems can be resolved with the integration of a single repository for easier data management. Data that may have been previously unprioritized or unorganised can be systematically structured to be used for analytics of project information.

Enhanced Productivity, Profitability and Performance

  • Track and measure your business with insights into KPIs
  • Identify the real issues in your projects
  • Spot trends early and adjust accordingly
  • Benchmark your project’s performance to improve on delivery expectations
  • Capture mission critical information from your mobile.

The construction management analytics tool is designed to spread across a broad portfolio, across stages of the project development and the total value chain, ensuring high security and data governance.

With the analytics tool, the project framework is defined based on multidisciplinary characterization common in the construction domain, focusing on construction projects best practices and key priority areas in order to deliver a successful project.Bringing the big picture into focus, it facilitates the aligning of projects to strategic goals by keeping on top of key performance indicators and performing deep analysis by analysing trends and spotting patterns.



Management by Exception (MBE)


The construction management analytics tool is built based on the “MBE” model, which monitors vital signs of a project. When one of the vital signs fails to meet or exceeds beyond the programmed range, the dashboard highlights the change in condition with reference to the “traffic light indicator” and notifies relevant stakeholders of this change. If the dashboard is quiet, it is assumed that the project condition is stable, and progress is reported as usual.