Social Media Analytics


Integrate social conversations into business operations


Companies track and archive what customers do in their businesses through sales data, yet they often have no capture or archival strategy for analyzing and retaining what those customers think of the business. At Hummingsoft we provide turnkey solutions for collecting, integrating and storing online conversations and customer transcripts from internal CRM systems to allow for deeper and more holistic insights into what is being said about your products and services via Social Media Analytics.

Online users are talking to each other daily – across social media sites, on public forums and within customer feedback channels. They are talking about products, services and their experiences, as well as their likes and dislikes. This virtual focus group is taking place online, and these conversations are increasing. To be successful, companies must filter the noise to focus on specific recurring themes.


It is an on-demand offering that integrates, archives, analyzes and reports on the effects of online conversations occurring across professional, consumer-generated and social network media sites. As a result of the intelligence gleaned from this process, organizations can understand the effects online conversations are having on specific aspects of their business operations.


Social Media Analytics eliminates the problem of having to analyze social media data in a piecemeal and adhoc fashion. By enabling you to link sentiment to specific business concerns at an enterprise level, it allows for in-depth monitoring and accelerated response time to shifts in the marketplace. Use it to activate and engage consumer advocates, improve service and product offerings, and continuously measure the effectiveness of your communications.

It enhances cur¬rent market research efforts by continuously monitoring online and social conversation data to identify important topics and content categories and how those topics and categories are relevant to customers in the con¬text of their online community. By analyzing professionally generated media (e.g., news articles) and consumer-generated media (e.g., blogs), the solution serves as an early-warning system to identify influencers (good or bad) on your corporate reputation, organization and brand.

By merging market data (from blogs and other social media sources) and customer data (surveys or Web forms), market research professionals can validate then act upon a consumer need or sentiment shared across a customer base or market.