Visual Analytics Dashboard

Visual Analytics Dashboard

A complete dashboard for analytics visualization, enabling you to identify patterns and relationships in data that weren’t evident before.


Visualization is critical for quickly understanding what’s happening in your data and seeing things you couldn’t before. But while data visualization enables you to explore your data, analytic visualization dashboard helps you discover insights buried in it. Because of this, analytic visualizations dashboard provide more value than simply exploring and using data visualization techniques.

Regardless of size or industry sector, organizations collect all kinds and amounts of data. Unfortunately, traditional architectures and existing infrastructures have difficulty performing the fast analytical processing needed to deliver instantaneous insights.

IT also is swamped with constant requests for data, ad-hoc analyses and one-off reports. Decision makers become frustrated because it takes too long – or is even impossible – to get the information needed to quickly answer their questions. And increasingly, they want to be able to access information while they’re on the go from mobile devices such as the iPad® or Android tablets, or email.


Analytic visualizations produce more interesting details that result in further insight and even foresight. For example, a dashboard analytic visualization of customer data would show a strong relationship (high correlation) between women and a particular type of boot sold in a specific state. Another analytic visualization could predict the future revenue of boots in a particular geography and help determine growth. Sharing reports and dashboards based on analytics conveys more information about future possibilities and promotes collaboration, which leads to more strategic decision making.

Visual Analytics Dashboard combines ease of use with dynamic interfaces. All types of users can visually explore data, execute analytics on any size of data within minutes or seconds, understand what the data analysis means, and deliver results quickly wherever needed via the Web, mobile devices or Microsoft Office applications.

Users of all skill levels can conduct fast, thorough explorations on all available data. Forecast the future. Experiment with different scenarios. Analyze text data. Discover your best options and make more precise decisions. Absolutely no coding is required.

One of the most powerful ways to encourage conversations around data is to put information where people can easily get to it. In today’s world, that means in Microsoft Office applications, on mobile devices or from the Web – with IT maintaining control of the underlying data and security.

The solution enables many users to visually explore and analyze huge volumes of data – all at one time. This, gives users across multiple departments and lines of business an unprecedented way to surface new insights and solve complex problems faster than ever.