Analytics Guru

Are you ready to harness all of your data sources, make sense of billions of rows of data, and display it in a way that brings the big picture – including patterns and trends – to life?


How Data Savvy Is Your Business?

Today, all organizations – regardless of their size – are inundated with data pouring in from every conceivable direction: operational and transactional systems; scanning and facilities management systems; inbound and outbound customer contact points; mobile and social media; and the Web.

It’s One of Your Most Valuable Enterprise Assets

If you’re still on the fence about the value of analyzing your business data – as well as the massive volumes of data being created by customers and prospects through social media – it’s time to get on the bandwagon. Write down the top five worries that keep you awake at night. For example, are you under pressure to find new ways to drive growth in an uncertain economy? Worried about eroding market share – or customer loyalty and retention? Need to mitigate and manage business risk more effectively? Analytics can turn your business data into trusted insights that can help you address these funda­mental business issues faster and more effectively – and ultimately drive better performance.


Data Visualization: Breaking Down the Barriers

Data visualization is the representation of data in a pictorial or graphical format. The purpose of data visualization is to simplify data values, promote the understand­ing of them and communicate important concepts and trends. Visualizations are the easiest way for people to process and interpret large amounts of informa­tion.

mind map

As illustrated above, Visual Analytics, a new data visual­ization technology, allows business users to explore data of any size in seconds, spot trends, and publish reports, dashboards and data visualizations on the Web and to mobile devices. It’s ideal for small, medium and large businesses and brings together all of the key capabilities you need to empower business people across the enterprise.

Place Analytical Power in the Hands of Your Users

Our software has sophisticated analytics that are fully integrated into an easy-to-use, Web-based environment, guaranteeing success for even the most novice users from day one. Just about anyone can ask the toughest questions, create compelling visualizations and share them with others – without having to learn new skills or engage IT know-hows. Users with greater analytics expertise can speed model development processes by quickly identifying areas that warrant further exploration and analysis, rather than resorting to trial and error.

Visual Analytics in Action

To understand the power of visual analytics, consider how SM Marketing Convergence Inc. (SM-MCI), an affili­ate of SM Retail Group, is using data visualization software. SM-MCI operates a loyalty program that enables customers to earn re­ward points when they shop with the SM Group. It captures large quantities of customer purchase and spending data based on a billion transactions. SM-MCI knew it was sitting on a data gold mine – but it needed a faster, better way to analyze it and put it to use. Management chose to imple­ment Visual Analytics because it empowered business users to look at data in new ways and see patterns in spending, rewards redemption, and customer loyalty.

Take the Complexity Out of Forecasting

Expand the culture of forecasting in your organization with easy-to-use capabilities that take the complexity out of forecast­ing, so that users of all skill levels can determine what might happen in the future. The software automatically chooses the most appropriate forecasting algo­rithm for the data selected. Go from Seeing to Truly Understanding Data

Empower Business Users to Run and Share Ad Hoc Reports

Powerful ad-hoc reporting tools let users design compelling, interactive reports, complete with interactive, eye-catching tables and charts that help decision makers quickly grasp the data’s meaning. Users can easily add filtering and drill-down capabilities to graphs, KPIs and other report objects, as well as choose from a wide variety of charts – 3D bar charts with multiple lines, scatter plots, bubble plots, heat maps, tile charts, and more – to best illustrate visualizations in an engaging way. Visualizations can be shared in a way that lets others interact with reports to answer their own questions and create new visualizations to get a deeper understanding of the data.

Enable Mobile Access and Tethering

With Visual Analytics, what’s created can be published and accessed using mobile devices so decision makers can see and interact with critical information and decision-making data – anytime, anywhere – on iPad® or Android tablets. Having on-the-go access to current, relevant information means faster deci­sion cycles and uninterrupted workflows. Because critical information is always available, there’s no need for delays. HummingSoft also offers mobile tethering as an IT-managed option, so you can explore and interact with reports and visualiza­tions wherever you go – even when there is no Internet access available.