Software Testing

Adopting smarter ways of testing to guarantee confidence in the software 

We implement test-driven development and high-level testing tools to validate that your software applications work as expected, with reference to its need requirements.

Hummingsoft provides consultations and software testing services, specializing in steering testing operations on governmental projects and continues to grow through testing initiatives. Hummingsoft is proud to be one of the leading cluster companies under the Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB), which is recognized by MAMPU.

Our team of dedicated and innovative software testers strive to build quality and provide excellent services in all aspects of the testing process.

Our focus goes beyond QA and Testing, as we are equipped to deliver IV&V services by applying comprehensive testing efforts in accordance to TMMi standards and practices.

What ?


  • Verify documents, designs, software codes and program
  • Verify software conformation to specifications through testing
  • Internal focus of control on quality for detecting defects that validation may not catch
  • Eliminate possibilities of missing requirements in the design by demonstrating, inspecting, and analysing traceability
  • From customer’s viewpoint: Does the provided service fulfil what we asked for?


  • Validate whether the software meets customer’s expectations and requirements
  • Perform validation to catch defects that verification cannot catch
  • Perform Quality Assurance by examining the actual product to ensure that the software is tested according to the business standards
  • External focus of control on suitability and effectiveness through end-to-end testing with practical exercises
  • From customers viewpoint: Did the provided service achieve what we desired?




IV&V services range from basic to comprehensive, depending on the required scope of auditing and testing and the level of testing that is conducted by other project participants. It includes the following:

  • Project Management Services- Includes Planning, Directing and Report Control
  • Requirements Analysis- Verify all contractual requirements are traced to the RTM and Vendor Proposal
  • Design Analysis- Review RSD and DSDs for accuracy
  • Independent Testing & Analysis- Sample testing of test scripts and use cases
  • Implementation Analysis- Review of BCC and Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Business Process Documentation- Validate that User, Procedure, and System Documentation complies with acceptance criteria
  • Documentation Status Reports- Includes reports, findings, opportunities for improvement, and areas of concern