ICT Consultancy

 Consultancy in managing ICT Projects more systematically

A Methodology that has been adapted according to the needs of the Malaysian Public Sector.

ICT Consultancy stage approach

Comprehensive Consultancy for managing Information Technology projects

The consultancy services provided is usually a temporary initiative that includes a series of activities aimed at producing project deliverables within scope, cost, time and quality.

Procedures in implementing ICT projects commencing from initial phase to Planning phase, next to Implementation and Control phase and finally to Closure phase. Every phase contains specific standards that can be used as a consistent and disciplined guideline in managing ICT projects.

Numerous activities will be conducted during each stage of consultancy. Activities includes creation of project deliverables as well as planning, monitoring and controlling of activities at each stage.

Our ICT Consultancy services are normally engaged by ICT Research Organizations, ICT Strategic Planning Departments, during an Acquisition of ICT infrastructure, during the need for ICT system enhancement , expansions or upgrades and finally during ICT compliance and reinforcement audits.

Our main focus is to protect the investment made by the Project Sponsors at ensuring projects are implemented, monitored and controlled more effectively.

We do this by building Detail Project Management plans as follows;

1.Resources Management Plan

2.Cost Management Plan

3.Quality Management Plan

4.Communication Management Plan

5.Issues Management Plan

6.Risks Management Plan and;

7.Change Management Plan.